You have probably heard of the term ‘spring cleaning’ and wondered what it was. Well, it isn’t as mysterious as you think it is, and it is something you might be very familiar with if you grew up in a typical Nigerian household.


In European and American climates, spring comes around March/April. This is the time when winter fades away and grass and flowers are in full season. Spring cleaning has its roots in the past cultures of these places.


There were days when they used to heat their houses with firewood in fireplaces during the cold seasons, and they would close up all their windows and only open the doors when necessary to keep the heat from escaping. When springtime came, they would open all the doors and windows and clean the house from top to bottom, inside and out. So, they started calling this annual cleaning ‘spring cleaning’.


In Nigeria, this is the type of cleaning that takes place at least once a month on an auspicious Saturday (most likely on the government-designated sanitation days).


Spring cleaning isn’t all that strange, then. All those places and items you would never clean on an ordinary day get cleaned during spring cleaning. This is also called deep-cleaning. You could do this once or twice a year, while you continue doing the regular house cleaning every other day.


Now that you know what it is, why is spring cleaning important?



Fresher Air

– Yes, the air in your home will be fresher and healthier to breathe in when you spring clean, or deep-clean, your house. By improving the air quality in your home, you will suffer from fewer respiratory problems, have a better mood, and will love having guests over. Air fresheners are meant to add a nice, subtle fragrance to an already clean-smelling house, not mask odors due to stagnant air.



– Deep-cleaning is the perfect opportunity to clean out all the clutter in your home. Clean out your closet, your office, your fridge... everything that is stocked with stuff you don’t need should be decluttered. Clutter has a greater impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing than you know. Spring cleaning lets you get rid of all that stuff, leaving you feeling less stressed and with a feeling of clean contentment.


New Home Arrangement Possibilities

– When you deep-clean your home, you see different possibilities for arranging your home. Sometimes the layout of your living room may be affecting how well it can be cleaned, and you wouldn’t know it till the day you decide to deep clean.


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